You're never lonely in Soho
Soho is struggling to survive!

Westminster City Council ended the ability to enjoy al fresco dining on September 30th, 2021.  

Soho has been poorer for this, culturally and financially. Other areas have embraced Al Fresco, for example:

Charlotte Street has removed parking bays and given them over to people.
China Town has used the pedestrianised area for tables and chairs.
Covent Garden has used the cobbled pedestrianised square.

Alfresco dining is an enjoyable experience brings people together and adds vibrancy to the street scene.

We need to rally the voice of the majority residents and visitors who voted with their feet when Alfresco saved our Soho.





Soho is the second largest employer per square mile in the UK after the City of London. It is iconic worldwide and is famous for its small independent businesses, its inclusiveness and diversity through its LGTBQ venues and the various music venues and theatres alongside the Soho film industry.  


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