Soho, the finest in town
Al Fresco dining has been a huge success across Soho

Westminster City Council ended the ability to enjoy al fresco dining on September 30th, 2021.  

Westminster City Council have outlined their Vision for Soho which includes consultation with communities. In May 2022, a formal consultation period will be held, allowing all of Soho’s communities to review and comment.  

The Council’s al fresco measures have played a critical role in supporting visitors to the area, as well as 80,000 jobs in hospitality. Pedestrianization of streets reduces air pollution, increases biodiversity and improves public places. If you enjoyed the pedestrianization of Soho, submit your voice! Send an email of support to or subscribe to our newsletter.






Soho is the second largest employer per square mile in the UK after the City of London. It is iconic worldwide and is famous for its small independent businesses, its inclusiveness and diversity through its LGTBQ venues and the various music venues and theatres alongside the Soho film industry.  


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