Letter to tenants
This is what was sent to tenants of Soho Estates to instigate the "Save Soho Street Festival" conversation:

This is the most challenging period any of us has ever encountered, and all our livelihoods’ are at stake.
I have fortnightly con call with the Leader of WCC and her cabinet along with other Landlords which I would class as the more responsible.
WCC recognise that we all have to pull together to aid in Soho’s and the West Ends recovery.
They also recognise that they may have to look at things in a different way and look to ideas they haven’t thought about before perhaps as short term help…
I want to suggest that we ask for Street Closures to enable the street to become our social distancing space with the introduction of tables and chairs in the street thus allowing bars and restaurants to return to operation at a faster rate.
This has been suggested by one of our tenants in Frith Street but I invite you to join in with this.
I would think of this as a temporary solution but it would say Soho is open.
Let's test this and see if it's workable, and with everyone's help, we will try to encourage everyone else on the street to do the same.

Open letter to Save Soho (Stuart)

City of Westminster, Draft Movement Strategy - Street Interventions - May 2020 (Excerpt)PDF

Link to Soho Radio Interview John James was on 7/5/2020 and voices on at 13.30

NLA Interview

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