Hotel Business Weekly: Soho businesses launch Soho summer street festival to pedestrianise the area for safe alfresco dining this summer

Jim Diamond

LBC News London - 10 June 2020

Soho Radio

Clair Lynch - 10 June 2020

City AM: Stephen Fry joins campaign to 'save Soho' with temporary pedestrianisation

Posh Cockney Podcast: We all need to save Soho together!

My London: London coronavirus: How banning cars could allow London's restaurants to safely reopen

Telegraph: Could the pedestrianisation of Soho save one of the country's busiest restaurant hubs?

Metro: Large parts of London could be pedestrianised to help pubs and bars survive

Daily Mail: Tom Parker Bowles says "It’s the thrilling lifeblood of London - so let’s open up Soho for summer!"

Property Week: A temporary stop to traffic could kick-start Soho’s recovery

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