We need to (temporarily) close our streets...


After 3 months of devastation from the impact of Covid-19, we need to make it safe and economically viable for businesses to reopen.
We are proposing that, in order to save the livelihood of our Soho traders and to comply with social distancing, we need to close the streets to allow more space for tables and chairs.

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Which Streets?

  • Soho Square
  • Carlisle Street
  • Bateman Street
  • Old Compton Street
  • Greek street
  • Frith Street
  • Dean Street
  • Moor Street
  • Romilly Street

We need consolidated plans on delivery and waste collection. If this can be centralised it would go a long way to appeasing the concerns of the locals.

We need to work out how the street can be used and a plan of action to show this is considered and safe.

We invite your views on how we can achieve this.

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